Pricing cars a nightmare?

Do you find it hard pricing new cars? Getting a quote out of a dealer can be a really difficult without pretty much agreeing to buy the car – dealers don’t like to give a written quote for you to walk away with, as understandably they don’t want you using their quote as a negotiating tool with the dealer down the road!


Also, with specification changes / options / build dates / compliance dates etc. to take into account it can get really complicated, so that comparing quotes is just too hard!

Add to this the fact that the only prices you can get from the brand websites are without any form of discount or manufacturers bonus and you have a huge task with ever moving variables, making it all but impossible to achieve accurate pricing.

The prices that do appear are on the brand websites are just the current specials the manufacturers WANT to shift fast – which is to their benefit, not yours…

Why is the pricing of a new car made so hard? Because that makes it necessary for you to visit the showroom in an attempt to get a quote, which puts you on the dealers territory, and therefore at a disadvantage…



  1. You contact us via our website or by phone or email (although you are welcome to visit our offices if you choose to).
  2. We give you unbiased advice on the whole market, pointing out any advantages or disadvantages to you (for instance, upcoming new model releases).
  3. We prepare a written, itemised quote for you.
  4. We email or fax it to you, or go through it with you over the phone, as you wish.
  5. Naturally we hope that you don’t use our quote as a negotiating tool against us. But as you are the customer, in the real world that’s your right. Although we hope that you recognise that our different way of doing things… great service and real world help & advice has a significant value.
  6. Hopefully you then order the car through us (in most cases we don’t insist on a deposit either… and we don’t charge you fees).