The fastest growing German premium brand apparently. Some say that Audi offers the same
quality and image that BMW does, but at a slightly less painful cost….BMW & Mercedes
Benz do not agree of course.

Acknowledged as the best performance sporting 4WD system (Quattro) in a premium brand
available today, Audi has a quality, performance and sexy image that is winning buyers from
other premium brands on a wholesale scale.


Truly Australian, even if they will no longer be built here –  Great pricing, traditional values,
and ever more filled with technology than in recent years. The latest Commodore, the VF2,
is a fantastic car, punching well above its weight. The HSV cars are true Australian muscle –
top bang for your buck as they say.

The Cruze is an Australian fleet favourite, with many fans, including some of Australias
biggest fleets.

A top selling brand in Australia – undisputed – that’s not an accident.


Gone are the days when Subaru was a one trick pony, with the Impreza WRX, at least in
turbo form, appealing to the wrong kind of driver for Subarus PR departments liking !

Now, there is a more well rounded range, including the excellent Outback and XV, and
Subaru is carving itself a niche as the quality and slightly quirky Japanese alternative. They
havn’t gone completely sensible though, as the new Impreza WRX STi is still just as insane !

Reliable & tough, with a great AWD system – Subaru is a quality, interesting product.