What kind of client are you?

We are highly experienced and ideally placed to help corporates with their fleet management requirements via operating lease or novation schemes, or indeed any other acquisition / funding method required.

Not for Profit organisation ?
We recognise the unique requirements of the not for profit sector, and can co-ordinate the vehicles and any necessary conversions needed.

Medium sized business ?
By number, most of our clients are medium size businesses. We are able to put together a fleet strategy for you if you do not currently have one in place. We treat medium sized business clients as corporates, offering the same high level of service.

Small business?
Small businesses are the life blood of Australia – anyone “having a go” for themselves has our respect, as it’s not easy ! We’ll help you quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss to get into your new vehicle, and give relevant finance guidance too.

Private individual?
We recognise that as a private buyer, you probably have too many choices if anything, with the car market being so diverse now. Private buyers come to us because they do not want to get involved with that pantomime where the dealer takes you down a well rehearsed track of his choosing ! We have a more consultative approach, treating you as a valuable client who has a brain – we won’t insult your intelligence!

Our experienced management team

Our team has an average of 20 years motor vehicle experience, we take a personal, hands on approach, and have the client’s needs at heart at all times. With one point of contact, the benefit to the client is peace of mind, as the person you are dealing with at MotorFleet has the experience and understanding to service your vehicle and fleet management needs professionally.

The MotorFleet dealer network

Our trusted dealer network increases the scope of service, optimizes service levels and minimizes costs. The benefit to the end user is the highest quality of service at competitive pricing. In short, we weed out the bad apples and only deal with dealers who, put simply – do the right thing.

  • Valuers provide nationwide on site valuations.
  • Dealer network sources used vehicles at near wholesale prices.
  • Nationwide test drives of new and used vehicles.
  • Vehicles delivered to your home or work if required, or dealer collection if you prefer.

MotorFleet optimises your resale position

If you ask anyone what the biggest cost is in running a vehicle, some will say fuel, some servicing & repairs, but seldom will you hear the correct answer – depreciation. If wise choices are made at the outset, a significant amount of money can be saved. We are exceptionally experienced in this field. MotorFleet’s nationwide trusted dealer network provides new and used vehicle pricing, together with servicing and repairs at fleet pricing. We are constantly monitoring market values, trends and impending model releases. With this information we review our clients finance status and determine the optimum time to replace the vehicle(s).

Structure of finance terms and residual values

MotorFleet structures lease terms, residuals and maintenance allowances after detailed discussions with our client regarding their vehicle usage and individual requirements. This eliminates problems for the client of unachievable residual values compared to market value or insufficient fleet management funds to adequately service the vehicle.

We are the viable dealer alternative

The dealers are trained and conditioned to take you down a well rehearsed “track” – often in a direction you, the customer don’t want to go – at MotorFleet we take a more consultative view, with the minimum of pressure, believing this to be a more professional approach.