Korean brand Hyundai is a real modern day global success story. Great designs, a 5 year
unlimited km warranty and a fantastic customer care programme all add up to what is a
fantastic package for clients of all types. So if you are a fleet, a small business or a sole
trader you could do a lot worse than looking at Hyundai…..

The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the best value 7 seat SUVs on the market.

New models abound, with fresh thinking flowing through the cars. Don’t be mistaken by
thinking that this great value is achieved at the expense of quality. It’s not. Hyundai is a great
choice for clients who are not “brand snobs” as the cars usually punch above their weight.


Ford have been world leaders in all things automotive for over 100 years. Luckily – Henry
Fords edict that you could “have any colour you like as long as it’s Black” was consigned to
the history books many decades ago. These days Ford offers great cars in some of the most
dazzling colours available in the car market today !

Fords cars today are technology rich, and offer some of the most stylish products in the car
market. The new Ford Ranger is fast becoming the benchmark Ute, properly challenging the
more well established Toyota Hilux and all the others.

Ford also has a rich racing heritage, and their cars always seem to “handle” better than
most, largely due to the filtering down of technology from the racing side to the road car
operation. You don’t win Le Mans, touring car championships, world rally championships and
create probably the worlds most iconic Formula one engine (the DFV) by being average….


VW (Volkswagen) are on a big sales push in Australia, with their cars looking very
competitive indeed on price with the Japanese and even the Korean brands. The premium
image that a VW undoubtedly brings with it comes as a bonus at little or no cost now…

Germanic quality with sharp European styling are themes that carry through the whole

Well built, economical, reliable and safe, there is a compelling case to choose VW. If you
could only ever buy one car that would do everything well, it would probably be a Golf !