Jeep have come a very long way since WW2 when the Jeep army vehicle was used all over
the world. It was tough and reliable. Now, Jeep offer tough reliable vehicles that also have
great style, individuality and advanced technology.

The Grand Cherokee has just had its life extended due to its amazing success. It offers
premium levels of refinement, equipment and on road ability far in excess of what its price
would indicate. In particular, it uses the excellent German ZF 8 speed automatic
transmission that is widely used by BMW.

At something close to half the price of the similarly equipped German alternatives, it makes a
compelling business case.


Bavarian Motor Works. The ultimate driving machine, BMW says. Hard to argue that point.
They are soooo well balanced on the road – as most have near perfect 50/50 weight
distribution, they brake without discernible front end ‘dive’. BMW has probably filled (and
created) more niches in an already crowded market – and they are rarely wrong.

Amazing technology is standard, usually they are among the first to offer a particular feature
– a case in point being the worlds first self parking car – the 5 series – so much fun when
you don’t tell your passenger “you have the technology !”.

BMWs have many more “toys” as standard these days, but have many, many advanced
features on the options list.

A delight to drive and own – a truly premium quality product with few peers. Not cheap, but
quality and exclusivity isn’t……


Mercedes Benz. Most regard “Merc” as the top German premium brand. BMW particularly
would argue this. This is another brand that is broadening its range with an ever more
diverse range of niches being filled.

The old banter – “you don’t look old enough to drive a Merc” certainly has no relevance
today – if it ever did. These cars are at the very fine cutting edge – amazing durability over
huge amounts of kms is a commonplace story.

The level of technology in these cars is simply staggering. Quality at this level comes at a
price – but the value is there.

Probably the best of the best. You choose.