Mazda has what is known as “Australias favourite car” in the Mazda 3, which seemingly just
seems to get better and better. In addition, the latest MX5 is a fantastic little sports car, and,
as ever, is hard to beat in this segment.
Mazda are consistently coming up with new innovative designs that the Australian car buyer
seems to like, putting them way up there amongst the best selling car brands in Australia.
If you are after an SUV or people mover Mazda spoils you for choice with the CX3, CX5,
CX7 and CX9 – Mazda have pretty much every niche covered !


Australias best selling car brand. Why ? A combination of fantastic reliability and class
leading cost of ownership simply makes these cars overall cheaper to own, largely due to
their comparatively low depreciation. A true “quality” product.
Toyota really ‘do’ fleet very well indeed. They have a very well established fleet operation,
which is geared up to help businesses of all sizes. Motorfleets biggest client was VERY
unhappy with a brand (that will remain nameless) – basically because of poor reliability and
poor service at the fleet level. We brokered a switch to Toyota, and immediately the client
was very happy, and still is, 12 months down the track.
Toyota have lots of new product coming in 2015/2016 so the other volume brands will need
to pedal really hard to keep up…..


Nissan handle fleet very well indeed, and their vehicles offer exceptional value for money.
The new NP300 Navara is a real potential class leader that is going to give the other top ute
manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota and Mazda some sleepless nights.
The brands image is undergoing a revamp, with some great product coming through –
appealing to an even wider demographic.
They have a strong motorsport pedigree, and while not dominating as yet, they are making
great progress in V8 Supercars.