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How can my company use novated leasing as a staff retention tool ?

More and more businesses both small and large are using novated leasing as way to reward their employees through providing a way to own a new car by way of salary sacrificing their income.

Is it easy for us?

Yes - we make it easy by providing you the required payment schedule and details in order to ensure the employee meets their obligations. The only difference is the repayments come from your business bank account (this is what gives you your GST advantage) and you simultaneously deduct the amount from the employees salary.

What happens If the employee leaves us?

The novated lease will stay with the employee after they leave – it's simply converted to normal finance. Alternatively, it can be transferred to the new employers novated scheme if they have one (we can help with this too)

How else can you help our business?

We offer you a range of solutions to reduce your vehicle expenditure. We have fleet solutions to offer you preapproved limits to purchase your fleet of cars, we can also provide you with management tools such as fuel and expense cards for your employees to use to centralise all expenses and novated lease can be used as a staff retention program.


A majorly important staff retention / attraction / motivational tool

Reduced PAYG liability

GST reclaims on the vehicle and the running costs

No employer risk – the car is in the employees name and they have full responsibility

If the employee leaves the employer, the lease goes with them to either be novated with the new employer or converted to standard finance

What kind of business are you?


We are highly experienced and ideally placed to help corporates with their fleet management requirements via operating lease or novation schemes, or indeed any other acquisition / funding method required.

Not for Profit organisation? We recognise the unique requirements of the not for profit sector, and can co-ordinate the vehicles and any necessary conversions needed.

Medium sized business?

By number, most of our clients are medium size businesses. We are able to put together a fleet strategy for you if you do not currently have one in place. We treat medium sized business clients as corporates, offering the same high level of service.

Small business?

Small businesses are the life blood of Australia – anyone “having a go” for themselves has our respect, as it’s not easy ! We’ll help you quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss to get into your new vehicle(s), and give relevant finance guidance too