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Either new or late used for you and your situation. Go straight to your chosen brand’s website and send us a link to the car you want.

Our team has an average of 20 years motor vehicle / finance experience. We take a personal, hands on approach, and have the client’s needs in mind at all times.

We offer the best available fleet prices on new vehicles. Our Australia wide network of dealers and wholesalers offer professional service and the best possible pricing. MotorFleet sources new and late used vehicles, allowing optimum client time management… enabling the client to concentrate on their core business and letting US take care of their cars – which is what WE do best!

Vehicles purchased on your behalf

Many feel stressed & uncomfortable when wanting to buy a new vehicle, given the often used high pressure tactics employed by dealers. All the dealer wants to do is to take you down a well rehearsed “track” – guiding you in the direction THEY want you to go… MotorFleet provides professional, unbiased and independent help & can save you a lot of money when obtaining your new vehicle.

MotorFleet optimises your resale position

If you ask anyone what the biggest cost is in running a vehicle, some will say fuel, some servicing & repairs, but seldom will you hear the correct answer – DEPRECIATION ! If wise choices are made at the outset, a significant amount of money can be saved. We are exceptionally experienced in this field. MotorFleet’s nationwide trusted dealer network provides new and late used vehicle pricing, together with servicing and repairs at fleet pricing. We are constantly monitoring market values, trends and impending model releases. With this information we review our clients finance status and determine the optimum time to replace the vehicle(s).