What is contract rental?

MotorFleet offers short term fully maintained leases, often called Minileases, on a large range of vehicles – for clients with a short term need (from one month) and is for those clients that wish to minimize their financial commitment This may be for new employees, or maybe to fulfil a short fixed term contract or promotion.

What is included in contract rental?

All normal running costs are included in the one, convenient monthly payment, costed on the basis of a specific amount of kms. This can and does usually include;

  • Service and maintenance
  • Registration
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Fuel card (does not include fuel)

How does $100 cash sound for passing on a name?

Put simply, we’ll pay you (or your chosen charity) $100 per vehicle as a spotters fee.

All you have to do (with the potential buyers permission) is pass on the full name, phone number and email address to us… and if a deal eventuates, we’ll gladly pay the spotters fee to your nominated account.

You can nominate your own account, a family members account (say a child or grandchild) or a charity.