A maintained operating lease incorporates all service, maintenance, tyres, registration and fuel management costs and allows the company to hand the car back to the finance company at lease end without the depreciation risk.

Whether you are a sole trader with one vehicle, or a larger company with a fleet of vehicles, maintained operating leases may simplify your vehicle management and save you money.

You choose the vehicle (with assistance from MotorFleet to ensure you are getting a vehicle suitable to your requirements) and nominate the lease term and the number of kilometres that you expect to cover. If your circumstances change and you need a higher number of kilometres allowed for, this can be adjusted during the contract.

All servicing, maintenance, tyres, registration and roadside assistance costs are incorporated into the one simple monthly repayment, and at the completion of the lease you simply hand back the car (and if required replace with an updated vehicle under another maintained operating lease). The residual value remains the responsibility of the fleet provider, not you.

If required, comprehensive insurance can also be arranged.


Benefits of an operating lease

  • Simple vehicle management, one monthly repayment
  • Reduced administration costs as employees time is free to focus on income producing core business rather than vehicle purchasing, maintenance and administration
  • Vehicles are kept off balance sheet, to improve debt-equity ratios for future lending. The monthly lease payments are treated as an operating expense for taxation deductions (refer to your accountant for personal circumstances)
  • No residual risk resulting in loss on resale of your car. The residual responsibility remains with the fleet provider, not you
  • Potential fleet savings. Buying power on the vehicle and the servicing costs keeps the monthly payment down
  • Comprehensive Reporting keeps you informed of vehicle usage, FBT expenses and replacement dates
  • Emergency break down service
  • Simple order process

How does $100 cash sound for passing on a name?

Put simply, we’ll pay you (or your chosen charity) $100 per vehicle as a spotters fee.

All you have to do (with the potential buyers permission) is pass on the full name, phone number and email address to us… and if a deal eventuates, we’ll gladly pay the spotters fee to your nominated account.

You can nominate your own account, a family members account (say a child or grandchild) or a charity.