It’s not a perfect world…

At MotorFleet, we understand that sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, circumstances change, and things get a little difficult. Your financial position can suffer as a result, and car finance becomes very hard to secure.

What is Restart?

A source of car finance at fair rates, for people with a less than perfect credit history. We do not claim to offer 100% guaranteed finance acceptance, but we will give you a fair go and put together a finance proposal for you that offers the best chance of being accepted, through our specialist lenders.

How does it work?

We take account of the whole story, and build a credible finance proposal for you, always treating you with respect and understanding. You will never be made to feel like a second class citizen by Motorfleet, just because you maybe had some issues in the past. We focus on the future.


Who are MotorFleet?

MotorFleet are one of Australia’s longest established car brokerages – we offer all makes of car, commercial and truck, on all finance packages, for clients of all types.

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Aren’t you just going to sell my details on?

No. MotorFleet are not in the spam business. We will never sell your details to a third party.

Do I get a free choice of car?

Yes. Motorfleet do not dictate what car we finance for you. Some of our competitors have a stock of cars (often not of the highest quality) they will finance for people in this situation, but we do not restrict you in this way.

Can accessories be included in the finance?


What kinds of finance are available?

Most types of car finance are available to you – our experienced finance experts will guide you through the process.

How does $100 cash sound for passing on a name?

Put simply, we’ll pay you (or your chosen charity) $100 per vehicle as a spotters fee.

All you have to do (with the potential buyers permission) is pass on the full name, phone number and email address to us… and if a deal eventuates, we’ll gladly pay the spotters fee to your nominated account.

You can nominate your own account, a family members account (say a child or grandchild) or a charity.