Trucks purchased on your behalf

Buying a new or used truck is often time consuming and frustrating, and can take over your life when you should be out there earning dollars ! Motorfleet cuts out all those frustrations for you and sources the truck you need, with the spec you want – at the best price.

Trucks sourced nationally

Motorfleet operates nationally. We can provide a fully independent and unbiased view when it comes to sourcing your new truck.

As an example, if there is a new model coming, or a technical upgrade, most truck dealers won’t tell you, as they’ll want to steer you in the direction of what they have in stock… we will tell you, as we have no affiliations with any brand… we also source good quality used trucks too, at below retail pricing.


Trading in your old truck

We can value and move your existing truck on for you, taking it as a trade in the normal way. This saves you the time consuming frustrations of advertising, roadworthy certificates and people not showing up to view etc.

Financing your truck

Our relationships with major lenders (including FleetPartners, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, Liberty Finance and others) allows us to offer the full range of finance options at competitive rates. Our close associations with these lenders ensures fast and hassle free approvals.

How does $100 cash sound for passing on a name?

Put simply, we’ll pay you (or your chosen charity) $100 per vehicle as a spotters fee.

All you have to do (with the potential buyers permission) is pass on the full name, phone number and email address to us… and if a deal eventuates, we’ll gladly pay the spotters fee to your nominated account.

You can nominate your own account, a family members account (say a child or grandchild) or a charity.