We are Novated Leasing Specialists

A novated lease is generally regarded as being the best & cheapest way to run a new car

Novated leasing is a fantastic way to incentivise & retain staff at no cost or risk to your business

Why MotorFleet?

Our aim is to save you money

Novated Leasing

Explore the tax-efficient way to run your car...

Put simply, a car is leased in your name via your employer, but unlike regular car finance, your repayments are calculated utilising your pre-tax salary to lower your taxable income and reduce the cost of running your car

Novated Lease Benefits

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Vehicle Sourcing

Access our vehicle sourcing service to get a great deal on your car

Fleet Solutions

Access our vehicle sourcing service to get a great deal on your car

Employer Benefits

Use novated leasing as a staff retention program

What we do

Vehicle Sourcing

We have access to a national network of dealers across all brands to get you the best deal.

Easy way to own a car

Include all your expenses into the one payment including fuel, servicing, tyres, insurance, registration and other car related expenses. No cash is required as all your payments are linked to pre-tax salary. We work to get you discounts on everything you need.

Make your money go further

One of the many benefits of novated leasing is you can drive a nicer car compared to what you would pay using normal car finance.

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