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We offer a range of products and solutions for both the employee and the employers to greatly improve the potential of owning a new car, save money and improve your tax saving through novated lease programs.

We offer solutions For Employees and For Employers whether through saving money on a Novated Lease, Potential retention or attraction of important employees, accessing our network of car dealers and saving money through our Vehicle Sourcing and Fleet Solutions programs.

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Structure of finance terms and residual values

MotorFleet structures lease terms, residuals and maintenance allowances after detailed discussions with our client regarding their vehicle usage and individual requirements. This eliminates problems for the client of unachievable residual values compared to market value or insufficient fleet management funds to adequately service the vehicle.

MotorFleet optimises your resale position

If you ask anyone what the biggest cost is in running a vehicle, some will say fuel, some servicing & repairs, but seldom will you hear the correct answer – depreciation. If wise choices are made at the outset, a significant amount of money can be saved. We are exceptionally experienced in this field. MotorFleet’s nationwide trusted dealer network provides new and late used vehicle pricing, together with servicing and repairs at fleet pricing. We are constantly monitoring market values, trends and impending model releases. With this information we review our clients finance status and determine the optimum time to replace the vehicle(s).